The World of Zapatero

Return of the Blue Watcher

Back in May, I realized that I'd painted something new every month this year. To maintain my track record, I figured I'd better paint something today. This one originally started out as an abstract landscape, but I saw a face... Continue Reading →

What We Do

Here's a recording of the reading I did at Rosemont College on Monday. I originally wrote this piece for H. Conrad Miller's A Side of Writing blog, and I've always liked the sentiment it expresses about writing and the human... Continue Reading →

Why Is There a Car on My Lawn?

At around 4 in the morning, a loud crash woke me from a pleasant dream involving Roddy McDowall and a rabbit* named Cornelius. When I looked out my window, I spotted a large SUV parked on my lawn. Apparently, the... Continue Reading →

Someone Upstairs/Reading at Rosemont

Here's a new piece of music I've been working on. I call it "Someone Upstairs" because part of it sounds like someone walking around upstairs... which was kind of spooky when I was working on this track alone in my... Continue Reading →

The Virtue of Being a Dilettante

Here's a link to a short piece on writing (or not writing, as the case may be) I wrote for The First Day: "Taking a Break (or The Virtue of Being a Dilettante."

I Was a Teenage Groove Machine

This one probably won't make it onto On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams, but it was fun to record.  

To Another Place

I may end up changing some of the title of these pieces. Then again, I may not.  

Of Going

Another new track from Android Invasion... "Of Going" is track three of the album On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams. I'm hoping to record more tracks soon.

On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams

Here are two pieces of music I recorded this morning. One is titled, "On a Thursday," and the other is titled "The Typist Dreams."  

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