The Accidental Guitar, Pt. II

Mystery kind of solved with respect to my guitar. The seller responded to my query and apologized for sending me the 12-string when I ordered the six-string. Also, they said that it is, in fact, a 3/4 scale guitar and also apologized for not mentioning that in the description. They offered to exchange it for the 6-string I ordered or to give me a refund if I wanted to send it back, but I opted to keep the 12-string since I like the sound.

I should also admit that, technically, they didn’t really need to say that the guitar was a 3/4 scale model since it’s based on the Rickenbacker 325Rickenbacker 325 that John Lennon made popular, and that was a 3/4 scale guitar. Also worth noting is the fact that it wasn’t the seller who asked to take the listing down. It was Rickenbacker. I suppose they saw it and thought the Cozart “tribute” was a little too close to the original for their taste.

In case anyone is thinking of buying one, here’s a short video to give you a sense of what it sounds like. I went with the cliche and played the opening riff of “Mr. Tambourine Man” since I figured that would give you good point of comparison.