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Wherefore M. Zapatero?

As you may have noticed, my last few blog posts have included music attributed to M. Zapatero. It's a name I've been thinking about using for a dozen years or so, ever since I found out that Zapatero is (more... Continue Reading →

Interviewed by Dr. Karen Stout!

Big thanks to Montgomery County Community College President, Dr. Karen Stout, for interviewing me on her radio show today! Among other topics, we discuss teaching, writing, and an unlikely mishap with an electric razor. Click here to listen to the... Continue Reading →

Delay on The Grievers

First, I want to thank everyone in the blogging community and beyond for being so generous in your support of my work. Over the past few months, I'd had the rare opportunity to form what I can't call anything other... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Editing: For Want of a Balloon

I suppose I'm spoiled by blogging: I have an idea. I type it up. Maybe, if I'm feeling ambitious, I proofread what I've written. I click the "Publish" button, and the world can see what's on my mind. It's the... Continue Reading →


Sorry to everyone who received multiple posts regarding Simon Read's book giveaway. War of Words really is an excellent book, but I didn't intend to post that note so many times. I was trying the "New Post" button at the... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Amy Chiu!

Amy Chiu gives great advice: Be brave -- try new foods! Learn to laugh at yourself. There's always tomorrow. End a slow day with a laugh. Dance, dance, dance! And now, in addition to offering advice about staying ahead of... Continue Reading →

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