#Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 10

Here’s the all-instrumental episode of the #Tweetcore Radio Hour from a week or so ago! Featuring music by Won’t Say Rabbit, Saves the Witch, Timothy Simmons, Simmons and Schuster, Android Invasion, Ambienteer, The Ministry of Plausible Rumours, the Paul Sanwald Quartet, Art Block, Table for 26, Kamancello, Brian Lambert, Megzillion, and the LaLaLettes!

The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 8

In the latest edition of the #Tweetcore Radio Hour, I feature collaborations among many of the artists whose music I’ve come to love over the past year with tracks by Jr. Moz Collective, Brian Lambert, The Star Crumbles, Fuzzruckus, Scoopski, Modern Amusement, The Kintners, Mikey J, the La La Lettes, Eric Linden, Nick Terror, Kiffie, Anime Reader, Hipster Pug, Andrew Hartshorn, Natalie Williams Calhoun, Cosmic Bos, Age of Infernal, and We Have Divine Fire.

The #Tweetcore Radio Hour, Episode 1

Just realized that I can embed the #Tweetcore Radio Hour right here on my blog! In this inaugural episode, I play music by Phil Yates and the Affiliates, Bees!, Jr Moz Collective, Won’t Say Rabbit, Triangle Rain Club, The Star Crumbles, Brian Lambert, Eric Linden, Todd and Karen, the La La Lettes, Scoopski, Dino DiMuro, and the Dukenfields.