Why I Like the EP Format

I released an EP yesterday. It’s called There Is No Down.

I feel like the EP is the ideal kind of musical project for me both in terms of recording and what I’m asking of listeners.

For one thing, I lack the attention span to record a full-length album. Even if I start with a concept or style or approach to recording that I think sounds great, I’m often distracted by another idea shortly thereafter. With an EP, I can record a few songs that sound pretty decent together and then move on to a new project.

As far as the listener goes — and hopefully you’re one of them — I feel like four songs is a good number. It’s more than one, so if you like what you hear, there are a few more. But it’s less than ten or twelve, so it’s not like I’m asking you to sit down and listen to a half-hour to forty-five minutes of music I’ve recorded.

I mean, I love albums, but I rarely sit down and listen to one in its entirety. At best, I’ll have one on in the background or I’ll make a playlist based on my favorite songs from a particular artist, but — and again, it’s the attention span issue — I can’t sit through a whole album. It’s probably just me, but as a “do unto others” kind of guy, I know I can’t ask you to do something I’m not able to do myself.

Which doesn’t mean that I’ll never record an album. Just that I really like the EP format.

Plush Gordon debut now available!

This one’s a little odd, particularly the first track, but my new band’s debut EP is now available on BandCamp. The EP is called Fits and Starts. Contained therein are:

  1. A brief song (25 seconds) about a rubber-band ball
  2. A song about a man who works at a grocery store
  3. A song about Gregor Samsa of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”
  4. A song of inherent contradiction

I’ll say no more.