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Almost Eight

Here's a rough mix of a track I was working on over the weekend. It has a little bit of a Moby vibe. It might also have been influenced by a documentary on Spandau Ballet that I saw on Friday.... Continue Reading →

Lonely Sunday

My latest...

Busy Day!

I recorded two new pieces of music today and came up with a recipe for a smoothie. First, the music: And now the recipe: Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie Combine: 1 cup Greek yogurt 1 cup milk 2 tbsp. peanut... Continue Reading →

Lou Reed

Here's a track from my friend Scot Sax and his band Wanderlust, whom you may recall from a longish essay I posted a few months back. It's called "Lou Reed," and it's slated for inclusion on the band's forthcoming CD.... Continue Reading →

Android Invasion

Android Invasion is my imaginary electronic music group. Ideally, they would have put out the attached EP, Life at the Pace of Objects, in 1982, but a few things got in the way. Chief among them is the fact that I came up with the idea for the band last night.

McWidgie and Friends

Every now and then I think about how cool it would be to write and draw comic books for a living or to do an ongoing online comic series like Terry LaBan's Muktuk Wolfsbreath:Hardboiled Shaman, Jeffrey Wells and Shaenon Garrity's... Continue Reading →

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