Free PDF E-Book from The Permanent Press

Whenever aspiring writers ask me for advice on finding a publisher, the first thing I say is to read a wide range of books from a wide range of publishers to find the right “fit.” Of course, that can get expensive after a while, so here’s some good news. The good folks who published my first two novels, The Permanent Press, are offering one of their titles free of charge: The Double Life of Alfred Buber by David Schmahmann. (Click here for a review I posted a while back.) For information on this offer, visit the blog of Martin Shepard, a co-publisher of The Permanent Press: The Cockeyed Pessimist. Even if you’re not an aspiring writer, this is an offer that’s tough to beat — a good book from a press that has my deepest respect, and it’s free!


Grievers Giveaway!

Update: Thanks to everyone who dropped me a line! I just got my fifth request, so the copies are gone, but I’ll be emailing everyone who requested a copy so they know either way.

With the launch date for my second novel, The Grievers, quickly approaching, I recently received a shipment of advance review copies from my publisher. A few went to friends who helped me with copy editing, and a few more went to book reviewers. Now I have five copies left, and I want to share them with some of my favorite bloggers. The problem is that I have more than five favorite bloggers! The solution? The first five who drop me a line (see my contact info) and send me their mailing address will receive an advance review copy.

Of course, there’s always a catch, but this one isn’t so bad: I’d really appreciate it if you’d review my book or, if you prefer, interview me on your blog. Or, if you’re G. Martinez Cabrera, work my book into your online graphic novel. A few stars on Goodreads would also be nice. I’m open to anything.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s a link to more information about the book: The Grievers Official Website. (As opposed to all of those unofficial Grievers fan websites out there.)