MCCC on the Air Interview

Huge thanks to Michele Cuomo for interviewing me on Montgomery County Community College on the Air! In this interview, I talk about music, teaching, writing, the Beatles’ White Album, my new book about the Beach Boys, and my good friend Tom Powers. I also share a demo of asong I’ve been working on, “Someday Soon.”

Listen to the interview here: MCCC on the Air Interview


Tired of California

Just a quick post to say that I’ve published a new book. It’s called Tired of California: The Beach Boys’ Holland Revisited. Its main focus is a somewhat obscure Beach Boys album called Holland, which was recorded in the Netherlands. The book examines the band’s attempts at re-branding itself as hip, funky, and socially-conscious in the early 1970s while simultaneously trying to recapture the glory of their 1960s heyday.

Beach Boys-01