Daughter, Actually

Big news! I’m making a movie! It’s called Daughter, Actually, a film about mothers and daughters and the choices they make. I wrote the script, and my friend and colleague Jen Mitlas will be directing.

Here’s a bit of background…
At the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, TIME’S UP and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative launched the 4% Challenge to encourage everyone involved in film-making to commit to working with female directors within the following eighteen moths.

Inspired by this challenge, Jen announced via social media that she wanted to take part and asked if anyone wanted to work with her. When I said that I had a script, Jen took a look at it, enthusiastically embraced the project, and immediately began putting a team together to get the ball rolling.

What it’s about…
Titled Daughter, Actually,the screenplay depicts the fraught relationship between a woman named Alison and her aging mother, Helen, who has been hospitalized after a fall. Over the course of an evening in the ER, Alison and Helen swing sharply between stinging accusations and moments of profound tenderness as they move toward a stronger appreciation for each other’s life decisions.

If you’d like to help…
Needless to say, making a movie comes with a lot of expenses, so we’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to help us raise the money we’ll need for production, post-production, and submitting the film to festivals. Every little bit helps — even sharing information about our project can make a big difference!

A New Venture

As longtime readers of my blog have probably noticed, I’m love all aspects of music — making it, listening to it, reading about it, writing about it — so it may come as little surprise that I’ve decided to take my interest in music to a new level by starting a label. It’s called Hungry Hour Music, and its focus is experimental music by independent artists from the Philadelphia area. One of our first releases (other than music I’ve already put out) is an album of acoustic instrumental music by my friend Timothy Simmons. It’s slated for release on September 25 and will be available as a download through all of the major online music outlets, include iTunes and Amazon.

Here’s a link to information about the label’s underlying philosophy: Why?

And here’s a link to information about how the label works: How?

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