A Visit to California and New Material from Laini Colman and From Apes to Angels…

Wow! I just noticed that my last blog post was on June 6. Where does the time go? In my case, some of it went to California for a while…

I also did a bit of traveling more locally and worked on some music. At the moment, I’m having visions of a concept album about a robot who learns to play the (virtual) flute after humanity has been wiped from the face of the planet. The music has a bit of a mechanized Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66 feel to it.

And speaking of music and robots (or other-worldly beings of one sort or another), Laini Colman has a new track out — a hypnotic cover of Bjork’s “Human Behaviour.” Though Colman freely admits that Bjork is an acquired taste, her cover of the song has convinced me that it’s a taste worth acquiring. With a drum track reminiscent of Tears for Fears and a lead vocal that calls to mind high art rock of the 80s a la Laurie Anderson, it’s definitely the kind of thing I aspire to in my music.

Also in the realm of otherworldly music, another favorite of mine, From Apes to Angels has released their new EP, New Skin.

As with Colman’s cover of “Human Behaviour,” the 80s vibe is what does if for me on these tracks. I especially love the chunky synths and the crunchy white-noise sound of the snare on the title track, and as (I think) I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, the vocals make me think of some of my favorite female-fronted bands of the 80s like Bananarama, the Go-Gos, and ‘Til Tuesday.

Awesome stuff all around! And, with any luck, I’ll be adding my own voice to the otherworldly* realm in the near future.

*Side note: Is “otherworldly” a genre? If not, can we make it one?