What We Do

Here’s a recording of the reading I did at Rosemont College on Monday. I originally wrote this piece for H. Conrad Miller’s A Side of Writing blog, and I’ve always liked the sentiment it expresses about writing and the human condition in general.

Everybody’s Talking At Me…

Well, at least I hope everybody’s talking at me… Or posting comments and questions to the discussion board that Rare Bird Blogtalk Radio host Mary L. Tabor has started for fans of my work on GoodReads. Mary will also be interviewing me on her radio show later this week, but if you just can’t wait, feel free to drop by GoodReads and ask me something. Or tell me something. Or order some takeout… I deliver!

New Story in Apiary

Regular readers of my blog may recall a recording of a short story of mine titled “Madrid” that I posted back in March after a live reading with my friends Tim Simmons and Dave Calamaro. Today I’m pleased to announce that the text of  “Madrid” is now available from Apiary magazine for your reading pleasure. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Apiary and am very excited for them to share my work with their readers!