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Funny where the mind goes when you let it wander.

The Teaching Assistant

Here's another passage that didn't make the cut because it was a little too close to my own life. I also wasn't entirely enamored with the use of "you" in this one. It struck me as if the narrator were... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Curt Smith & Prime Number!

Big thanks to Curt Smith for his glowing review of The Grievers in Prime Number: A Journal of Distinctive Poetry and Prose. The piece also includes an interview in which I opine on various topics including whether or not a... Continue Reading →

“That’s a Junkie”

Here's another passage I cut because of the reference to Charley's students and also because it had more to do with my own life than Charley's. With subsequent revisions, I got increasingly better at inventing a life for Charley and... Continue Reading →

Getting Far

In an earlier draft of The Grievers, the narrator's life was closer to my own than in the version that eventually found its way to publication. One major similarity was that Charley and I were both teachers -- a detail... Continue Reading →

Reading at Musehouse

If you're in the Philadelphia area and looking for something to do on May 19, feel free to drop by Musehouse where I'll be reading with Liz Moore, author of Heft, as part of the All But True series. I'm also... Continue Reading →

Shelf Unbound Article

I was very pleased to provide some brief thoughts on writing The Grievers for the latest issue of Shelf Unbound magazine -- and even more pleased by the kind words of editor Margaret Brown: “Schuster knows how to craft a... Continue Reading →

The Whole World Can See You

April may well be the cruelest month, but I'd also argue that it's the sneakiest. I feel like it just came out of nowhere -- and just when I was getting used to March. Needless to say, May is just... Continue Reading →

The Grievers: Kindle Edition Now Available

Just a quick note to say that the Kindle edition of The Grievers is now available on Amazon. And if you've ever wondered what it would be like to hear a robot read a story about a man dressed as... Continue Reading →

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