My Birthday/Hitchbot/True Detective

Today is my birthday. Here’s what I want: A promise from Nick Pizzolatto to make up for the disappointing second season of True Detective by setting season three in Philadelphia and dedicating it to figuring out who killed Hitchbot. The twist? Hitchbot saw something he shouldn’t have, and some combination of the Philly PD, the FBI, and, I don’t know, the CIA needs to figure out what he saw… Honestly, though, I’m so disappointed that my hometown is where Hitchbot met his demise. And the guy who did it was caught on tape wearing an Eagles jersey. It’s enough to make a guy root for the Giants.

How I feel right now…

Reading from Moz’s Autobiography @ Smiths Social!

Oh, has the world changed, or have I changed? I will be living out my life-long dream of performing (after a fashion) upstairs at Philadelphia’s Trocadero as I read select passages from Morrissey’s Autobiography  between sets at the 18th Pale Descendants‘ Smiths Social. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of The Smiths, and I’ve been a big fan of the 18th Pale Descendants’ renditions of their songs ever since I saw them on my 39th birthday back in 2012. So… If you’re a Smiths fan and you live in the Philadelphia area, drop by the Troc (as the hip kids call it) on the 23rd at 8PM.

Me. Trocadero. Reading Moz.

Me, pretending to be Moz outside the Trocadero, circa 2012.

Inexplicable Need

In the latest installment of my podcast, “Inexplicable Need: An Interview with Shaun Haurin,” I get into a heated discussion with a former student about how to address a former professor and also about the title of one of my favorite short story collections. I then interview Shaun Haurin, the author of the collection, and find out that I was wrong. The podcast also includes a pair of readings from the book in question, Public Displays of Affectation.