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Shot of Fiction with Your Coffee?

I've been a fan of Kristen Solecki's art ever since it started appearing in Philadelphia Stories magazine a few years back. In fact, I'm such a fan that I asked if I could use one of her pieces for the... Continue Reading →

A Setback Circa 2004

I was paging through an old journal recently, and I found the following entry: August 14, 2004: Well, it's beginning to look like I'll have to publish The Grievers on my own. We came home today after house-sitting for my... Continue Reading →

“Hey! This Is Cool!” (Or: How Books Happen)

Books can come into existence in the least expected ways.

Phrases to Avoid

I’m willing to bet that these phrases show up far less in published fiction than in the manuscripts and self-published works that have come across my desk.

How Books Are Made

In case you ever wondered how your manuscript gets turned into a book, here's a brief film on the subject circa 1947: But if you've been thinking about publishing your book via a Print on Demand or POD service, you... Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Small Press

If you've given the matter some thought and decided that publishing with a small press might be right for you, the next logical question might be how to go about finding a small press that will be interested in publishing your work.

The Small Press Experience

If I have a question or concern about one of my books, I can call my publisher and ask.

A Novel Approach, pt. 2, (Follow Your Muse)

The worst reason I can think of to stick with a project is money.

Getting the Most Out of a Writers Conference

A writer can get the most out of a writers conference by forgetting about the agents and the pitch and concerns about getting published.

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