What We Do (Video)

Back in June, I posted the audio of a reading of a reading I did at Rosemont College. Thanks to my friend Christine Cavalier, we now have some video as well! In the first clip, I lay down the sound loop that accompanies my reading in the second clip. I originally wrote this piece for H. Conrad Miller’s A Side of Writing blog.

Hope to have some photos of my trip to Canada posted by the end of the week!

Someone Upstairs/Reading at Rosemont

Here’s a new piece of music I’ve been working on. I call it “Someone Upstairs” because part of it sounds like someone walking around upstairs… which was kind of spooky when I was working on this track alone in my basement at night!

Also, I’ll be doing a reading at Rosemont College on Monday, June 23, at noon in the college’s Kistler Library. This will be the first time I’m doing a reading with musical accompaniment (along the lines of my recent recordings), so I’m hoping it works out!


The Thing About Acknowledgments

It’s funny. Whenever I get to the end of a book and see an acknowledgments page, I feel a little disappointed. Granted, I’ve included acknowledgments pages in my own books, and I’ve been thrilled to see my name mentioned among the acknowledgments of authors I admire, so I’m not arguing that authors shouldn’t include them in the back pages of their books. But by the time I reach the end of a book, especially a book I love, I feel like I’ve really gotten to know the author intimately, like I’m the author’s special friend. And then I turn the page and the illusion is shattered when I see all of the author’s true confidantes listed in black and white.

Does anyone else ever feel this way, or is it just me?