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A Kind of Jesus Figure

Here's another passage I had to cut from The Grievers when I changed Charley's job from being a teacher to being a human dollar sign. Of course, I probably would have cut this passage regardless. I think it's a little... Continue Reading →

Using the Elevator Pitch for Editing

The elevator pitch can be more than a marketing tool. In fact, it can be the star that guides you through the countless rounds of revision you do before the manuscript goes in front of an agent or editor -- and the countless more you'll do ​after​ it's been accepted for publication.

Getting Far

In an earlier draft of The Grievers, the narrator's life was closer to my own than in the version that eventually found its way to publication. One major similarity was that Charley and I were both teachers -- a detail... Continue Reading →

Plays Well With Others

On Friday night, I had the good fortune of seeing the Madhouse Theater Company perform a short piece that I had written called "Whatever." It was the third piece of mine that they had done, and I've always been blown... Continue Reading →

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