Music from a Parallel Universe: Block35

First thought: Shouldn’t Christian Slater be riding a skateboard to this music in someone’s empty swimming pool somewhere in the 80s? “Funky Cola” could definitely stand its ground alongside the entire Gleaming the Cube soundtrack or any number of teensploitation films of the era. (No surprise, of course, as their artist bio reads, “Through an inter-dimensional wormhole Block35 transmits the music from a
parallel universe stuck between 1988 and 1992. The haunting soundtracks
to its strange visions of a future that will never come.”) A crisp, popping bass-line bubbles through the song, and synth stabs reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys (not to mention a rhythm track recalling the best of Technique-era New Order) bring this track to shimmering, syrupy life.

Someone Upstairs/Reading at Rosemont

Here’s a new piece of music I’ve been working on. I call it “Someone Upstairs” because part of it sounds like someone walking around upstairs… which was kind of spooky when I was working on this track alone in my basement at night!

Also, I’ll be doing a reading at Rosemont College on Monday, June 23, at noon in the college’s Kistler Library. This will be the first time I’m doing a reading with musical accompaniment (along the lines of my recent recordings), so I’m hoping it works out!