Sherman Hemsley

Anyone who’s read The Grievers knows that the theme from The Jeffersons plays a small yet comically pivotal role in the novel. Sadly, I learned today that Sherman Hemsley, who played the iconic George Jefferson, passed away today. With this in mind, I thought I’d share the following video.

Thanks to The Los Angeles Review!

Just a brief but extremely heartfelt note of thanks to Joe Ponepinto for a glowing and perceptive review of The Grievers in The Los Angeles Review. And when you’re done reading the review, check out Joe’s ruminations on the difference between literary and commercial fiction — and why it’s a good thing that discerning readers care about more than the number of copies a book has sold!

Schwartz & Packer Interviewed!

Big thanks to Dan Cafaro of Atticus Books for an inventive interview with two of the most colorful characters from The Grievers, Charley  Schwartz and Greg Packer! I’m a huge fan of the titles that Atticus has produced, especially The Snow Whale, The Great Lenore, and Fight for Your Long Day. I was also blown away by their latest title, Kino by Jurgen Fauth, so it was especially flattering when Dan offered to interview me on his press’s book blog. Needless to say, I’m also struck by his generosity and the generosity of the small press scene in general. After all, how many big publishers offer to help with promoting titles by “the competition”? Then again, it isn’t competition when good people like Dan remind us that we’re all in it together–writing, reading, making art, and changing the world a little bit at a time!