Of Possible Interest

First, big thanks to Lavinia Ludlow for a lovely review of The Grievers in The Nervous BreakdownLudlow writes, among other things, “Schuster has an amazing sophomore novel on his hands. His writing has matured; he’s fine-tuned his approach and can effectively drive a story from start to finish with subtle tactics and engaging characterizations.”

Also, the latest edition of Shelf Unbound magazine is out. It’s their summer reading issue, so if you’re looking for a good beach book, check it out! As always, the publication is free. My reviews of Max Barry’s Machine Man, Derek Owens’ Memory’s Wake and Tom Williams’ The Mimic’s Own Voice appear in this issue.

And a couple of things I’m looking forward to: I have an essay on writing and friendship appearing in Writing from the Inside Out, the journal of the Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking. I also have a short piece appearing in the October issue of The Writer. Links to follow if and when they become available!