“Living Proof” in Writing from the Inside Out

I’m very pleased to announce that my essay, “Living Proof,” has just been published in Writing from the Inside Out, the publication of the Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking. Though the latest issue of the journal has yet to go online, you can download the essay by clicking on the following link: Living Proof. In the mean time, here’s a quick teaser:

All was not well in the Powers household.

When I arrived, dead, dry leaves from the previous fall were still lying in a heap at the front door. It was May. When Tom showed me into the house, it was filled top to bottom with his—crap is the only word that works. Boxing nun marionettes. Star Wars action figures. Painted rocks took up every available space on the sofa and chairs in front of the television. The mess flowed from one room to the next. Baby dolls. Broken toys. Space ships. Tom’s paintings. Everywhere. And I might not have minded so much if not for the fact that this wasn’t even Tom’s house. It was his parents’ house. He was thirty-six.