The Dukenfields: Old Pal, Old Sock, Old Kid

First, a bit of trivia: Dukenfield was the surname of Philly-area-born showbiz legend WC Fields — and that’s where Philly-area rockers the Dukenfields got their name. The songs on their latest EP, Old Pal, Old Sock, Old Kid have a strong, tight post-grunge 90s sound that calls to mind the Gin Blossoms and Huffamoose with hints of Weezer and Third Eye Blind. Listen close for the cool, buzzing, retro synth line towards the end of the opening track, “Phillies 6-4.” And definitely check out the dreamy vibe of the closing track “Goodbye.” That one’s a waltz, by the way, which underscores what makes the Dukenfields so fun to listen to: they have a familiar sound like a comfortable old shoe (or old sock as the case may be), but they also have a few surprises up their collective sleeve.

You can listen to the Dukenfields on BandCamp and Spotify.