Track-by-Track: “Mellow Pleasant Spongecake”

This is somewhat of an odd track (among other admittedly odd tracks) largely because it started life as two separate recordings. The first was an instrumental piece titled “Mellow Pleasant Beat.” I recorded that one shortly after buying some synth plug-ins for Reason. (It think it was “Booster Pack Retro: Digital Sound Vocal Expressions,” in case you’re curious). It was a fairly short and simple recording, but I liked the sound of it, especially the “Ah-ahs.” Of course, it really didn’t go anywhere, so I set the recording aside and forgot about it until I stumbled upon it a few months later.

At that time, the tracks in Thank You for Holding were starting to come together. One of the tracks was called “Spongecake” (which I’ve since re-titled “Spooky Spongecake” to distinguish it from this one), but it was actually stranger than the current specimen under consideration. So I layered in the vocal track (me singing “Groovin’ on spongecake” over and over with a lot of effects on my voice to make it sound old and wobbly like a malfunctioning computer from a low-budget 1970s sci-fi film).

Within the context of Thank You for Holding, this track would close out side one of an LP or cassette if the album were on one of those media. As with “Don’t Let It Go,” I thought a largely instrumental track would work here, though this one reminded me a little bit more of “technical difficulties — please stand by” kind of a message rather than a message you’d hear while on hold, the idea being that the robot from the earlier tracks is experiencing technical difficulties and, perhaps inexplicably, dreaming about spongecake.

I say “perhaps inexplicably” because there actually is an explanation for the spongecake line, but I’ll save that for my post on “Spooky Spongecake.”

Through the Trees

As you may recall, I’m the sole member of an imaginary electronic band called Android Invasion. Also worth noting is the fact that my wife went away for the weekend, leaving me no other option than to get the band together to record a new track. It’s called “Through the Trees,” and it’s a cappella, which means I recorded it in the nude. Or is that au naturel? In any case, everything you hear on this track is my voice, though I did run it through some gizmos and gadgets to make it sound like it does.