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A Novel Approach, pt. 2, (Follow Your Muse)

The worst reason I can think of to stick with a project is money.

A Novel Approach, pt.1, (All the Wrong Reasons)

Know when to quit a project—or at least when to put it on hold.

Exercises in Character, pt.3, “Out of Character”

If handled correctly, a lapse in judgment can lend depth to a character.

Getting the Most Out of a Writers Conference

A writer can get the most out of a writers conference by forgetting about the agents and the pitch and concerns about getting published.

Exercises in Character, pt.2, “A Quirk in Time”

One thing that the writer of fiction needs to be able to do on occasion is move forward through time in a fairly quick manner.

Exercises in Character: pt.1, “Small Humiliations”

What really makes us identify with characters is the fact that they’re flawed.

Insider Tip: The Editorial Review Sheet

Using specific terminology can help members of your writing group provide specific feedback to each other and move beyond general comments like, “It was good, but something was missing.”

Chuck Palahniuk: Nice Guy At Large

As a rule, you can't not like Chuck Palahniuk. He's just too nice of a guy.

Writers Are Cool

I feel very fortunate to live in a region with a vibrant community of people who love to read and write. One of the great things about living in this kind of community is that I get a chance to... Continue Reading →

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