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Writing and Thinking

My week at the IWT was time well spent. I recommend it to any teacher who's interested in integrating writing more fully into their curriculum.

Why Cocaine?

As I've met with different reading groups to discuss The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl, one questions that's come up a few times is that of why I chose cocaine as Audrey drug of choice -- why... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a “Literary Juggler”

Here's a bit of shameless self-promotion... It's an interview I did with Elizabeth Spencer, a member of the writing workshop I moderated a couple of  years back. Elizabeth is a graduate student at Temple University, and she was kind enough... Continue Reading →

Louisa May Alcott Takes On Party Girl

I'm obviously not the first person to write a "drug novel" along the lines of The Singular Exploits of Wonder Mom and Party Girl. Stephen J. Gertz's Dope Menace does a great job of cataloging the best titles in the... Continue Reading →


Embracing my identity as a basher, I've found a niche in the writing world that suits my temperament perfectly.

Huger Nerds Than I (or, The Skin Horse Interview: An Admittedly Long Post)

I knew I was in trouble when the characters from Skin Horse started invading my dreams — this after a long day of battling cold symptoms with various over-the-counter remedies and topping the evening off with a healthy dose of... Continue Reading →

What I Do When I’m Not Writing (Cow Study #7)

This summer, I've been focusing on cows.

Philadelphia Writers’ Conference Address (a fragment)

As a writer you job is to make the reader fall in love with your story.

Plays Well With Others

On Friday night, I had the good fortune of seeing the Madhouse Theater Company perform a short piece that I had written called "Whatever." It was the third piece of mine that they had done, and I've always been blown... Continue Reading →

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