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D. Thomas Minton Interview, Part Two

Heartfelt thanks once again to D. Thomas Minton as the second half of our conversation goes online! This time around, I answer questions about the craft of writing -- namely, developing a narrative voice, the most common mistake beginning writers... Continue Reading →

Thanks to D. Thomas Minton!

Big thanks to author D. Thomas Minton for chatting with me about my forthcoming novel, The Grievers, and posting the results on his blog! Over the past few months, I've become a big fan of his fiction, so it was... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ Billtown Blue Lit with April Line

Dateline: Williamsport, Pennsylvania, a.k.a. "Billtown." Writer April Line has embarked on a mission to raise the profile of literature with Billtown Blue Lit. I recently caught up with April to talk about her progress with getting a reading series off... Continue Reading →

Harness The Power of Pitying the Fool to Increase Your Blog Traffic!

Take a cue from the Quaker Oats company and team up with Mr. T every morning to increase traffic to your blog!

Thanks to Robin Black!

I'm extremely delighted by this endorsement from an author whose work I admire so greatly!

Best of the Book Blogs!

I'm very pleased to note that my review of Elizabeth Mosier's The Playgroup has made it onto Shelf Unbound magazine's "Best of the Book Blogs" page. If you follow the link below, the review is on page 44 of the... Continue Reading →

The Parable of the Leaf Blower

Don't give up on a project, and don't trash it just because you think it isn't working.

Great Advice from Authors

Here's a link to an article in The Guardian that gathers advice on the craft from some of the world's best-known authors.

The Point of Telling

Needless to say, the narrator doesn't have to say, "All of this happened five years ago." The point of telling is a lot more subtle than that.

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