“SIMMONS and SCHUSTER” – Album Review

I’m incredibly grateful to Jeff Archuleta for reviewing the Simmons and Schuster album on the Eclectic Music Lover blog. It’s been my favorite music blog for a long time, so to receive such a detailed and thoughtful review means a lot to me. If you’re a music fan, definitely give this blog a follow!


I follow more blogs than a reasonable person should, and spend far too much time struggling to keep up with all their posts, often to the detriment of writing for my own blog. And like mine, a good many of them are about or related to music, which then entails devoting even more time listening to one or more songs those bloggers have shared, sometimes an entire album! So it’s nice when that time I’ve invested pays dividends in the form of great music discoveries. Such was the case when I heard the new album Simmons and Schuster on Abominations, a blog I follow that’s written by the hyper-talented and creative Marc Schuster. A collaboration between Schuster and fellow teacher/musician Timothy Simmons, the album is an unusual, fascinating and thoroughly unique work that I like so much, I have to share it with my readers.

A true renaissance man…

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Debut Album from Simmons and Schuster

My friend Tim Simmons and I recorded an album recently. It’s a collection of instrumental tracks that run the gamut from intense to relaxing. One reviewer described it by saying, “This album could be compared to Dante’s Divine Comedy. A journey between hell, purgatory, and then heaven.” It’s an incredibly flattering and apt description.

One of the more relaxing tracks is called “Tadpoles.”

There’s also one called “Ralph Waldo Steps In.”

If you’re interested, you can listen to the full album on a wide range of streaming services, which are listed on this page: https://simmonsandschuster.hearnow.com/simmons-and-schuster

There’s also some information on how we recorded the album here: https://www.hungryhourmusic.com/simmons-and-schuster