What I’m Listening To: 9 minutes by Akito Misaki

The leaves are falling en-masse, there’s a tiny pear-shaped gourd on my kitchen countertop, and I’m listening to an extremely relaxing ambient music album by Akito Misaki titled 9 Minutes. The album’s ten nine-minute tracks offer a combination of soft electronic drones, the natural sounds of singing birds and running water, and/or slow-bubbling synths. Misaki also makes some interesting textural decisions throughout: chords briefly strain against others in some places to produce a pleasant dissonance while synths fade in and out like elements of an early-morning dream. The album as a whole feels like listening to a 90-minute sunrise. I want to listen a few more times to see what emerges.

More New Music!

Quick note to say that I’ve just released an EP of ambient experimental electronic rock under the Android Invasion banner. It’s called Low Earth Orbit and it’s inspired by all the junk that’s floating around the planet at the moment. It’s currently available on BandCamp here: https://androidinvasion.bandcamp.com/album/low-earth-orbit. And it will be available on Spotify and other streaming services in mid-November.